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The global standard for Online and Physical Identification

We bring you the easiest and safest way of online access. With just one touch your users will be able to register and access your website. We offer security, privacy, and convenience to customers and businesses. This is why we have created Biocryptology Login, a straightforward add-on for websites like yours.

You can finally forget about managing usernames and passwords.

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Bfree -made in Wordpress-

Do you like the idea of having access to your website with just the tip of your finger? Our demo page has been created for you to try our login solution for WordPress.

You can download our plugin and start enjoying life without passwords right away!


Wanting to attract more clients using a safe biometrical solution? Try our Magento v.1 and v.2 demos to experience Biocryptology Login.

Download the extension you need for your website and offer your users the security they deserve.

Prestashop 1.6

Do you want to make your business more secure and ease the access to your customers? Forget about usernames or passwords and minimize security risks with Biocryptology Login.

Download our module for PrestaShop 1.6 now!


Are your looking for a quick and safe solution to access your website? If you manage a website using Magnolia you can improve your user’s experience with just one finger.

Download our plugin right away!

Meteor for developers

Meteor & Biocrytology = Perfect combination.

Do you want the fastest way to build apps and the safest way for your users to access? Integrate your website with Biocryptology Login and give your users the best experience possible!

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