Life without passwords


The global standard for Online and Physical Identification

Biocryptology platform offers security, privacy, and convenience to businesses, consumers, and governments, providing safe, secure, and easy-to-use technology for fast identification and trustworthy access to all possible online and physical locations. There is no more need of usernames and passwords. Access anywhere with your fingerprint!

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Biocryptology Connector Module integrates open id connect provider Biocryptology as an authentication method for Magnolia CMS. It uses the OAuth Login Connector module and adds configuration for this service.

This module enables you customers to log in with biometric identification, no need any more for passwords and user names. Easy, fast and secure login for your customers on any device.


Don´t lose time paying or registering online. Use the safest, easiest, and fastest biometrical technology, with no usernames, passwords or long registration fields that slow down the process. With biocryptology all the data you need is in your fingerprint. Secure, safe and fast.

System Benefits

Biocryptology brings you the safest and easiest way of online and physical identification using the latest biometrical technology avalaible. Keep control of your identity and get access to any place without usernames and passwords. Online shopping, banking, web, hotels, stadiums or documents, in just one fingerprint.